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Home Movies tranfered from film or tape

picture of old film reels
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picture of old film reels
Example: If you have four 3 inch reels that you would like on DVD your cost would be: $25   DVD setup, $30 transfer (200 ft at 15 cents per ft) Total: $55. Music, menus & titles are additional charges. 
• 8 & 16mm Home Movie to DVD $25.00 set-up / $.15 per foot • 16mm Home Movie (with sound) to DVD $25.00 set-up / $.30 per foot • Camera Formats to DVD Transfers, no editing 60 min: $25.00 120 min: $35.00 • Video Editing: $75.00 per hour • Custom DVD Authoring available
picture if reel sizes
How long has it been since you’ve seen those old movie reels you have stored in the  garage? Odds are it’s been a long time if even ever. Transfering these home movies to  DVD allows you to see your memories in living color. Home movies are true historical  documents that should be preserved for future generations. What we have in these old  movies is a telling of American history. We’ve done film reels from the 1930s through  the 1980s and tape formats on through to the digital age. It’s amazing to revisit past  times. We take ultimate care when handling your films and tapes because the original  document will always be valuable amd should be saved. 
Home movies picture of camcorder