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Audio Cassette Tape

An old school tape is a neat little package that sounds great 

and has a cool retro look.

A growing number of indie bands are turning to the tape format to get their music out  more quickly and inexpensively. Tapes have a vintage vibe on par with vinyl, however, it's  more affordable and turnaround times can be as quick as next day, compared to the 2-3  months needed for vinyl. Some bands also include a download card with their tape to give  fans the best of both worlds. First things first. We'll need a master from you. Your master can be a CD, mp3, DAT,  cassette tape, reel to reel--whatever the format; a high quality master makes for a high  quality copy. The opposite also holds true. We use a bin-loop duplicator for low noise, high  quality tape duplication. Take a look at the manufacturing process here. For J-card  production, you can email or bring in graphics or start from scratch with our graphic  designer. J-cards can be simple "J" or very elaborate with multiple flaps for lyrics and  credits.  Your tape package will look sharp with on-shell imprinting in a variety of cassette shell  colors. J-cards, clear norelco cases & shrinkwrapping add a nice finished look to your  product. For a super vintage feel, printed paper labels are available. Make sure to ask us  about FREE SHIPPING!  If blank tapes are what you're looking for, we can load high quality blanks with either  normal bias ferric tape or high bias chrome (CrO2) tape in custom lengths. 
picture of cassette tapes
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            High quality audio cassette tape

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Bulk Bin Loop Cassette Tape Dulpication

Prices are for duplicated cassettes only. Imprinting and packaging are additional.

A Bin Loop master must be made from your master source. This is a one-time fee.

Bin-Loop Mastering Prices:

C-30=$45  C-45=$60  C-60=$75  C-75=$90  C-90=$95

Cassette Imprinting

Plate Set-up: $25 / Cassette printing is $0.05 per side 

Audio Cassette Tape Package

picture of cassette tape duplication prices picture of blank tape prices

Blank Tapes